Meet Cynthia

Founder and Chief Cuff Creator,  Cynthia Sadler truly understands the value of being dressed for success. With more than thirty years as a banking executive, she worked alongside many distinguished business leaders and learned early-on that a fundamental key to achievement is rooted in personal presentation and the confidence that flows from it. In fact, Signature Cuffs LLC was born after Cynthia searched for a removable French cuff to enhance her own wardrobe. When no such product was available, she created her own.

Cynthia’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit flowed seamlessly from the business of banking into the creation of “Cuffs.” Having a knack with people, both personally and professionally, she assembled a team of talented and creative professionals who share her passion for Signature Cuffs.

“It’s all about self-assurance and the ability to incorporate personal style, because having your own style makes a difference! When women wear the clothes they enjoy with the enhancement of our cuffs, we’ve helped them add a unique measure of fashion. It’s a perfect combination!”

At Signature Cuffs, it’s our mission to provide an exclusive fashion item that complements our customers in any business or social setting. The result is a personal confidence that shines through whether customers are presenting in the boardroom, the classroom or cheering at the ballgame.

If having a signature “look” can boost a woman’s confidence and that confidence can propel a woman to greater success, then we are in the business of helping our customers find their signature “look” with Signature Cuffs . . . conquering the world one outfit at a time.

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