Maximize Your Wardrobe with One Fashion Accessory, a French Cuff


Signature Cuffs showed up on the marketplace a little over two years ago. In that time, we have been working hard to educate women about this never-before-seen accessory — one that truly has the power to transform your wardrobe. The advantage we have as a fashion start-up is that we sell a brand new product that has not previously existed. The disadvantage we face as a fashion start-up is that we sell a brand new product that has not previously existed. Because the French Cuff usually comes as part of a shirt’s construction, we consistently run into questions about how our cuffs can be worn. We want to take this opportunity to tackle a few of those questions and show you just how easy it is to get more from the clothes you love to wear with one simple product.

 What is a Signature Cuff?

Signature Cuffs are a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory that allows you to add the look of a French Cuff to any long-sleeved blouse, dress, sweater or jacket.

How are Signature Cuffs worn?

Signature Cuffs are slipped onto your wrists. Two sets of buttons allow you to adjust your cuffs to find the perfect fit. You simply pull your long-sleeved shirt over the buttoned portion of the cuff and then fold the “French Cuff” portion back. It’s as simple as sliding on your favorite bracelet.

*Stay tuned for our Classic Cuff which is fastened using the cuff links of your choosing. COMING THIS FALL!

Are Signature Cuffs expensive?

While our product does fall into the category of “luxury accessory,” Signature Cuffs are actually an affordable, staple product. When you consider the mileage you can get from a single pair of cuffs, you’ll see how this product goes from accessory to wardrobe essential.

Why do you have so many product categories?

One of the main goals of the Signature Cuffs brand is the idea that our products can elevate the look of an outfit, any outfit, that our customers feel comfortable wearing. Our customers are a diverse group of ladies, and we want to make sure that we offer a variety of products for ALL women and their individual styles.


Can I buy Signature Cuffs as a gift?

Signature Cuffs make a FABULOUS gift. We always want to buy our loved ones a special treasure, but often go the way of the gift card when shopping for something personal feels too risky. Signature Cuffs can solve that problem! They are not only a personal gift, but also one that will accommodate the individual style of the recipient. Not to mention, they make great client and staff gifts!

Do you sell products for men?

Signature Cuffs launched as a women’s accessory brand, but because of the demand to expand into the men’s market we are preparing new products made just for the guys! We are mere months away from debuting a men’s line that will include bow ties, pocket squares and dress socks.

Does Signature Cuffs source responsibly?

Signature Cuffs are made right here in the USA! We are PROUD of the fact that we partner with manufacturing facilities in New York’s struggling garment district. Once our products are constructed, they are then shipped to our hometown of Fort Worth where they are assembled by a nonprofit organization (EXPANCO) that provides meaningful employment to adults with disabilities. Once fully assembled and packaged, they are then shipped to Wood’s Distribution Solutions, also based in Fort Worth. Our Signature Cuffs executives are able to visit the sites where our products are made and guarantee that our customers are getting the highest-quality goods made right here in America!

How did we do? If you still have questions about any of our products or the company, please feel free to reach out to us on social media. We are always THRILLED to hear from our customers.

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Until next time…

Happy Wardrobing, friends!

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