Cowgirl Chic Do’s & Don’ts


Signature Cuffs was an idea born and bred in Texas, and more specifically, the city known as “Cowtown.” Cowboys and western wear are part of our cultural heritage. That’s why it was a “no brainer” for us to create our Cowgirl Chic collection and give tribute to our great state and the city we call home. If you’re not from down south but are looking for ways to pull off that western look, here are a few do’s and don’ts for incorporating western style into your everyday wardrobe. Even better, with Signature Cuffs you can introduce Cowgirl Chic into your corporate attire. Here’s how:



Choose valuable, top-notch pieces. When it comes to authentic western wear, quality standards matter. From felt hats to leather goods, cowboys always choose materials that will not only last, they also choose items that display excellent craftsmanship and get better with age.

Never go for the trendy, cheap stuff. Instead, invest in items that come with a lasting love. By that we mean they will last you forever, and you’ll never stop loving them.


Pay attention to the details! While western wear can often be showy, it never misses on nuance. From buttons to embossing and trim, western fashion gives top billing to the particulars.

Flashy western wear certainly catches the eye, but you never want to look like you’re wearing a cowgirl costume. Let subtle but sensational detailing steal the show.


Go bold…within reason. When western wear isn’t a part of your normal life, even the most conservative western attire might feel flamboyant. Embellish the clothes you feel comfortable wearing with a few statement pieces to go bold without going crazy.

Head-to-toe western wear is perfectly appropriate when you’re attending the rodeo, but if you show up for a meeting dressed like the lead in Annie Get Your Gun, that might bring on the wrong kind of attention. A few, choice items can push you out of your comfort zone without causing an uncomfortable dress code faux pas.


Shop local artisans and small businesses for creative pieces designed by knowledgeable folks who are passionate about their work!

Hot trends from big brand stores aren’t the way to go. Steer clear of mass-produced, western “inspired” items that lack authenticity.

All that to say, DO explore your inner cowgirl and DON’T be afraid to bring western style into your workplace wardrobe. Shop our Cowgirl Chic collection, NOW ON SALE, for accessories that will help you DO it up right!

Happy western wardobing, friends.

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